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POLY STUDIO P5 webcam with VOYAGER 4220 UC headset (kit)


POLY STUDIO P5 camera with VOYAGER 4220 UC headset (kit)

Professional set of webcam and stereo wireless headset

Ideal for high quality calls with freedom of movement

  • Exclusive camera optics
  • Excellent color and automatic compensation in low light
  • The wireless headset adapter connects directly to the webcam
  • Bright stereo dual microphone for sound and noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth® v5.0 Class 1 roaming for greater distance and flexibility

This pack contains

Voyager 4200 UC serija
Poly Voyager 4200 UC headsets Headset type-Binaural / Stereo Charging stand-with charging stand Wireless USB Adapter-with BT600 USB-A adapter MS Teams-regular version
x 1
Poly Studio P5 Full-HD webcam
x 1
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2 years

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