SpRecord A2

Recording of telephone conversations for analog lines.

Support: Windows, Linux;
Number of channels: 2;
Connection: USB port 1.1 or higher.

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The SpRecord system is designed to record telephone conversations and record analog sound from various sources to a computer:

  • telephone lines;
  • radio stations (via signal mixer);
  • analog GSM gateways;
  • active microphones.

Key features:

  • Support: Windows, Linux;
  • Caller ID support: CallerID FSK / DTMF, Soviet Caller ID;
  • Digital compression of mp3, gsm, etc. (1 hour of continuous recording - 5 MB);
  • Uploading data to the SpRecord Cloud service up to 500 MB or 100 hours of recording for free;
  • Network operation with differentiation of user rights, flexible login / password access system;
  • Control of unanswered calls and other events with SMS and E-mail notification;
  • Directory of subscribers, cities, countries and mobile operators;
  • Fast / slow playback of records without changing the timbre of the voice;
  • Integration with PBXs via SMDR protocol;
  • Ability to maintain a database on Microsoft SQL Server;
  • System integration with any software (via SDK);
  • Turn on the notification about the recording of the conversation.
  • Support for warning modes: tone signal (GOST 28384 - 89) / voice warning;
  • Possibility of replacing the voice warning about recording (maximum duration - 3 seconds).
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